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I’ve been in sales for almost 10 years and know what you need to do to help you enjoy sales. From the presale, to the pitch and close I’ll guide you to make the perfect sales call.

So, who am I? And how did I get into this position where I’m training people on their sales?
When I was growing up, sales was one of the last things on my mind. In fact, my brother would sell things in school and I never wanted to do that.

I never liked sales at all.

I always assumed it was one of those things that you’re either born as a salesperson or you’re
not. It’s just an important thing and I wasn’t so, it was never in my mind.

That all changed. When I met a person, who had a very similar temperature to me.

Like me, he didn’t love being in big crowds and was probably more on the introverted side.

Yet, he was a phenomenal sales rep.

I asked him: how did he even get into that?

And he said, it’s not an inborn talent, It’s learned.

He told me what he had learned and I was completely blown away. And from that moment on. I just wanted to learn everything I could about this topic, reading different people. Daniel pink, David Sandler, and Dale Carnegie.
And I’m just so eager to share what I’ve learned from all these different, fantastic experts.And I’ve been able to package it together and bring it here to SalesTherapy where we’ve been amazingly warmly received by so many people

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Professional Bio

I help marketing agencies boost their closing rate by coaching them on game-changing sales strategies. Here why I can help you:

  • Have been the top-rated sales rep 7 years in a row in multiple firms
  • Have a closing ratio nearly double the industry average
  • Have learned sales training from some of the world’s most foremost Trainers
  • Have helped both introverts and extroverts who are willing to learn drastically increase sales almost immediately
  • Have coached Everyone from C level Executives to Entry Level reps