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Sales Coaching to Improve Your Close Rate

I’m a sales coach that’s helped dozens of marketing agencies increase their close rates. I’ll help you sell your service better with just a 1 hour call.

How Sales Coaching Can Help

Numbers don’t lie. Here’s how much I could save you on your monthly expenses

A personal sales therapy session

You get a 1 hour, private session where I’ll help detail where you can improve and how to fix it.

Identify blind spots in your current sales process

Knowing why your sales conversations aren’t working can be tough, i’ll help identify any problem areas you might be having so you’ll

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Learn how to have sales conversations

The “ideal” talk-to-listen ratio is 43:57, I’ll teach you how to have better conversations that get prospects talking about their problems.

Conquer the toughest client objections

I’ll show you how to handle some of the toughest objections like “how much do you charge?” or “What makes you better?

Feel confident when having the pricing conversation

Nothing is harder than conveying technical knowledge to clients. I’ll show you how to do it without having your prospects' eyes glaze over

Hi, I’m Michael

I help marketing agencies boost their closing rate by coaching them on game-changing sales strategies.

How Sales Therapy Works

Here’s how the Sales Therapy process works


Book a Sales Therapy Session

Schedule a time and answer some very simple questions to help me understand your business goals and ideal customers.


You Pitch

We do a practice session with you pitching your services to me. I’ll ask questions that your typical prospect would ask.


Identify your pitch improvement opportunities

During our session, you’ll receive personalized feedback on how to improve your pitch, and how you should answer your prospects toughest questions, so you’ll be ready for your next call.


Keep your team nice and busy

More sales means more clients, and more clients mean your team will be busier than ever.

Benefits of Using a Sales Coach

A sales coach mentors a salesperson to reduce losses and enable sales representatives to own sales performance and improve outcomes.

Everyone who works in sales—from the most consistent salesman to those who might most benefit from learning tips and tricks of the trade—can benefit from the experience of a sales coach.

The main goals of sales coaching are to expedite sales education, advance communication skills, and improve ultimate results. Ideally, a sales coach will aid sales representatives in identifying personal weaknesses and develop an individualized plan to confront and remedy core competencies.

Hiring a sales coach helps a company recover and overcome adversity. No matter the size of your business, it can benefit from sales coaching by increasing your overall business health. Furthermore, sales training can boost the confidence and morale of your sales team – good leaders become better, and the sales team more easily meet their goals.


Take your business to the next level with a Sales Coachign Session