How to Sell Digital Marketing Services

how to sell Digital Marketing Services

How to Sell Digital Marketing Services

It is a widely accepted idea that digital marketing is the way for products, ideas and services to be advertised in the 21st century. Even if you go the traditional route and do print advertisements, a business still requires a digital presence.

If you are looking to sell your digital marketing services, there are a lot of businesses that could benefit from your services. But how does one secure these clients? The following are a few tips for selling digital marketing services.

Here are 10 tips for selling digital marketing services

Assess What the Client Needs

The first thing is to assess what the client needs. What kind of business is this and at what stage is their digital marketing? You need to gauge whether this is a business that requires services that a beginner may need, or are they at an intermediate or higher stage?

Find out exactly what the client needs and then come up with a plan to get them to their goal. It is important to show them that you understand their objective and are clear about the brief.

Ask Many Questions

Whether you are meeting a potential client for the first time or for the fifth time, there is no shame in asking them questions. Some professionals are afraid that asking too many questions may put potential customers off.

However, when done right, it will only show them that you are inquisitive and are a stickler for details. Asking a lot of questions will also allow you to cover the previous subhead better, that is, learning what the client needs and then finding a way to give that to them.

Talk about Optimizing Their Web Presence

There is a chance that your client already has a web presence in the form of a social media account or a website. They probably do not need help with opening an Instagram account or launching a website.

What they do need help with is ensuring that those platforms are visible and that you are doing everything in your power to get the footfall on their web platforms. So, talk about the strategies you have in mind to optimize their web presence and give them the best conversion rates through their digital presence.

Lay Out a Road Map

Don’t simply tell them what you are going to do to boost a client’s digital marketing presence. Instead, show them how you are going to do it. Use infographics, charts and other kinds of interactive tools and lay out a road map for how your client will achieve the goals they have set out to, with your services.

Customers do not like to be talked at but talked to. You have a better chance of closing a deal if you incorporate the specifics of a client’s case and draw them into a concrete plan.

Use Digital Marketing to Sell Digital Marketing

Charity begins at home, and so does digital marketing. If you want to sell your digital marketing services, you cannot have a bland digital presence yourself. Ensure that you have a good organic following on your social media pages.

This is the first platform for you to advertise your services and build an audience base, in addition to attracting new clients. If you want to convince a client to accept your digital marketing services, you must show them that you can also serve yourself effectively.

Present a Successful Case Study

In continuation with the previous subhead, it may also be useful to show potential clients a portfolio of your previous work and the successes you have had with other customers. Highlight numbers and percentages, giving them a clear picture of the before and the after.

Make this presentation colorful and engaging, as your other client may be from a field that the new, potential client has little interest in. However, what you need to highlight is the end result.

Alternatively, if you have worked with clients from similar fields in the past, try to include them in your case study so new customers have a clear idea of your scalability.

Find a Niche

It may be helpful to find a niche in digital marketing. Hone your craft such that you can become an expert in servicing a certain kind of client. Of course, this niche need not be watertight.

But among all your other skills in digital marketing, if you can find one area that makes you stand out, then work on highlighting that for clients. Having a niche is also useful for client referrals.

If a client is happy with your work, they may recommend your services to a peer in the same field, especially if the network is small and word spreads fast.

Don’t Waste Time on Traditionalists

While many understand that digital marketing is the future of advertising and marketing, there are still traditionalists who like to take the older routes. While there is nothing wrong with that if it works for them, try to focus your energies on clients who understand the importance of digital marketing.

It would, of course, be incredible if you could convert a traditionalist and make them embrace digital marketing. But all that energy and resources may be better spent elsewhere.

Offer Genuine Help, Not Just a Sales Pitch

Talk to the specific problem at hand, instead of simply giving the potential client a lofty sales pitch. Avoid making generalizations and convince the client that you understand the material you have to work with and appreciate the nuances of the client’s situation. Offer effective solutions, do not use big words to make hollow sales pitches.

Quote the Right Price

Most importantly, keep your ear to the ground and be clear on what the industry rates are. If you go around quoting exorbitant prices for your services, you are sure to lose out.

Digital marketing is an extremely lucrative and busy profession at the moment. If a contract does not go to you, there are several standing in line ready to take the job. So, quote the right price and understand the true value of your work. 

Parting Thoughts

These tips apply to digital marketing service providers across the board. You can tweak each of these subheads and see how they may work out best for you and your clients. The idea is to be perceptive and absorb what the client is asking for, then add your expertise to the mix and give them a solution that will work.

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