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How Sales Therapy Can Help

Numbers don’t lie. Here’s how much I could save you on your monthly expenses


Close more clients with less time, stress, and work


Feel confident when having the “pricing conversation


Convey authority and value to prospects


Learn to conquer the most common client objections (time, price, etc)


Simplify your sales process with a systemized approach


Outsell your competitors by better understanding your prospects

Blind Spots

Identify blind spots in your current sales process


Significantly increase your closing rate

Doing Excellent Work, But Unable to Communicate It To Prospects?

Many marketing agency owners are masters of their craft. But the problem comes when it’s time to communicate this to prospects. If you’re like most agencies, you’re so focused on doing amazing client work that you don’t have time to analyze your sales process. But no matter how great your services are, you’re leaving revenue on the table if you can’t convey your value to new clients.

I also know that for many agencies, “sales” itself can sometimes be a dirty word. There’s a common misconception that to succeed at sales and closing, you have to be pushy or give long winded presentations.

At Sales Therapy, I teach something completely different. If you clear away all the misconceptions, sales is really a simple conversation between two parties. Through my training, teach agency owners the specific skills they need to excel at this conversation.

The Sales Therapy Difference

If you’re an agency owner looking to close more clients, the key is to take a strategic, practical approach to understanding the true mechanisms behind sales. The sales process is really just a conversation, and like any good conversation, sales is a two-way street.

Once you see sales as a conversation instead of a presentation, you’ll discover the importance of asking questions, and listening to your prospects. Many prospects simply want to have their pain points heard, and be assured that you can solve them.

That’s why in my Sales Therapy sessions, you’ll learn exactly what questions help prospects open up about their pain points. Then I’ll show you how to address these points in a consistently successful process. You’ll get direct practice, feedback, and expert coaching every step of the way.

How Sales Therapy Works

Here’s how the Sales Therapy process works


I Get to Know You & Your Goals

First, I get to know you, your industry and your target market. We discuss broad stroke strategies for your industry as well as your current goals and how to reach them.


One-on-One Practice Sessions Take Your Sales Skills to the Next Level

In my sales stress test, I use mock sales practice sessions to take your skills to the next level. In these sessions, I’ll act as the prospect while you deliver your pitch.


You Receive a Roadmap and Actionable Steps on How to Further Improve

During our session, you’ll receive personalized feedback on how to improve your pitch, and a complete roadmap of how you can level up your entire sales process. You’ll walk away fully equipped with new strategies to better communicate your skills to your clients.

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Hi, I'm Michael

I help marketing agencies boost their closing rate by coaching them on game-changing sales strategies.

A bit about me, I

  • Have been the top-rated sales rep 7 years in a row in multiple firms
  • Have a closing ratio nearly double the industry average
  • Have learned sales training from some of the world’s most foremost Trainers
  • Have helped both introverts and extroverts who are willing to learn drastically increase sales almost immediately
  • Have coached Everyone from C level Executives to Entry Level reps
Michael Hammelburger

Founder and CEO | Sales Therapy

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