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How Sales Coaching Can Help

A personal sales therapy session

You get a 1 hour, private session where I’ll help detail where you can improve and how to fix it.

Identify blind spots in your current sales process

Knowing why your sales conversations aren’t working can be tough, i’ll help identify any problem areas you might be having so you’ll know what to look out for.

Convey authority and value to prospects

Nothing is harder than conveying technical knowledge to clients. I’ll show you how to do it without having your prospects' eyes glaze over

Learn how to have sales conversations - not presentations

The “ideal” talk-to-listen ratio is 43:57, I’ll teach you how to have better conversations that get prospects talking about their problems.

Conquer the toughest client objections

I’ll show you how to handle some of the toughest objections like “how much do you charge?” or “What makes you better?

Feel confident when having the pricing conversation

Nothing is harder than conveying technical knowledge to clients. I’ll show you how to do it without having your prospects' eyes glaze over

Don't lose another new customer. We can have a Sales Coaching session as early as tomorrow.


Book a Sales Coaching Session

Schedule a time and answer some very simple questions to help me understand your business goals and ideal customers.


You Pitch

We do a practice session with you pitching your services to me. I’ll ask questions that your typical prospect would ask.


Identify your pitch improvement opportunities

During our session, you’ll receive personalized feedback on how to improve your pitch, and how you should answer your prospects toughest questions, so you’ll be ready for your next call.


Keep your team nice and busy

We do a practice session with you pitching your services to me. I’ll ask questions that your typical prospect would ask.

Benefits of Using a Sales Coach

A sales coach mentors a salesperson to reduce losses and enable sales representatives to own sales performance and improve outcomes. 

Everyone who works in sales—from the most consistent salesman to those who might most benefit from learning tips and tricks of the trade—can benefit from the experience of a sales coach. 

The main goals of sales coaching are to expedite sales education, advance communication skills, and improve ultimate results. Ideally, a sales coach will aid sales representatives in identifying personal weaknesses and develop an individualized plan to confront and remedy core competencies. 

Hiring a sales coach helps a company recover and overcome adversity. No matter the size of your business, it can benefit from sales coaching by increasing your overall business health. Furthermore, sales training can boost the confidence and morale of your sales team – good leaders become better, and the sales team more easily meet their goals. 

Hiring a sales coach can improve morale across your sales team and improve employee retention. Coaching is an element of sales that can affect each salesperson’s growth, and therefore the development of the sales team and overall organization. 

Using technology to support your sales coaching strategy can take it one step further. Furthermore, a sales coach can help your company integrate new methods of selling – like video conferencing. And ultimately, a sales coach can increase profit and improve the bottom line. 

Below are ten ways in which a sales coach can help your sales representatives thrive:

Sales coaching is personalized and targets particular selling skills for every person comprising a company’s sales team. As a result, both those new to sales and experienced representatives can improve their sales skills. 

For instance, a sales coach may work with a newly hired agent to develop prospecting and call planning skills. In contrast, the advanced agent might benefit most from additional negotiation-based skills. 

Sales coaches will often begin their initial session with an open conversation to gauge the salesperson’s level of expertise and where representatives could make improvements. This collaborative process benefits both the individual sales representative and the company. 

What’s more, once those initial coaching goals are surpassed, sales coaches reevaluate and move to other areas to create a holistic and ongoing training program.

When a company hires new salespeople, the onboarding process is often lengthy, and the time it takes for that individual to grow confident and comfortable takes even longer. This extended time can slow sales and ultimately shrink the business’ bottom line. 

When onboarding new employees, one problem new hires face is the overwhelming amount of immediately covered content. 

New sales representatives will learn about their role, sales expectations, and industry practices within the first few days. Having a sales coach step in from the beginning to set best practices can have long-term beneficial effects. 

Immediately integrating and starting sales training can make new salespeople feel comfortable in their position and speed the onboarding process.

Sales coaches often use opportunistic coaching to teach salespeople real-time lessons that directly lead to increased sales. 

In this type of situational learning experience, the sales coach will work with the student salesperson by asking questions during the traditional pitching and selling process to ensure the deal closes. 

For instance, a sales coach may ask what actions are required to move this opportunity or is there a better time to push a client towards closing the sale. 

Using opportunistic sales as a training exercise can be good in spades. An opportunistic sale means that a sales agent is capitalizing on opportunities as they arise. However, representatives should not use this type of deal constantly. 

Usually, a company is more stable and can achieve long-term growth with a strategic sales plan that identifies a specific market and a clear set of clients. 

Sales coaches understand this delicate balance and translate that information to sales representatives, increasing a business’s economic stability and improving the sale rate.

Repeat clients are the lifeblood of most businesses. However, salespeople can become stagnant when dealing with the same clients daily, so it is good to build new relationships. In addition, sales coaching builds confidence in a company’s sales team so that if and when an opportunity arises, the sales representative can build trust and expand the client database. 


Additionally, sales training improves customer service by providing efficient sales and preemptive resolutions to existing clients’ needs. When your current customers are happy with the service and the product, your business will improve via client networking and word-of-mouth. 

The two main attributes of a sales coach include observing the salesperson’s work and listening to how they approach the sale. When a sales coach sees one salesperson working a client or a deal uniquely and effectively, the salesperson’s creativity is celebrated and shared. 


Furthermore, a sales coach builds a trusting relationship with the sales representative. Their relationship yields collaborative brainstorming and the ability to fine-tune innovative ideas for the benefit of all.

Some general education in sales or business is usually required to become a sales representative at a company, but becoming intimately familiar with the company’s products or services can take some time.

An effective sales coach will continue to educate an employee on sales methods and integrate critical information about the products your company distributes. 

Sales coaching is a process that involves continuing, individualized teaching to develop performance. 

Rather than simply dictating to a sales team, sales coaches guide salespeople to set their own goals, eliminate behaviors that waste time and are ineffective, bolster choices that lead to success, and develop a sales team’s overall well-being and effectiveness. 

Learning how to discuss the highlights and top-rated aspects of a company’s goods or services can help sales representatives be more effective and boost success rates. Framing sales training with your business in mind is an essential tool used by the best sales coaches.

Working in a sales department is a high-stress situation, so when representatives do not have support systems, resulting in high turnover rates. Sales teams are most effective when their members have years of experience. Integrating a sales coach can help stabilize the sales team and decrease turnover rates. 

Indeed, sales coaching provides sales representatives with the fundamental skills needed to succeed, builds a supportive workplace, and grows the confidence necessary to thrive. When an employee feels confident and supported, retaining that person is more manageable and ultimately benefits your business. 

When a business is looking to promote the sale of newly introduced items, sales coaching is a great way to increase up-selling, on-selling, or cross-selling. 

Sales coaches can help your sales team boost sales and revenue by boosting sales of diversified products via up-selling and cross-selling. 

Up-selling encourages customers to buy a similar higher-end product than the original request. On-selling asks the client to purchase something they have bought before, and cross-selling happens when customers obtain items or services related to their original request. 

When coinciding, up-selling and cross-selling are mutually beneficial and provide maximum value to clients. Exceptional salespeople will explain to the client every product that might benefit their needs or goals, which proffers better customer service and results in an uptick in sales.

Communication and connection are at the heart of sales. In the past, a salesperson might have telephoned or planned a meeting to discuss a potential sale. 

Now, sales teams have new ways of reaching clients, like videoconferencing and social media. Sales coaches integrate new technologies into sales training to ensure your business’ sales team is communicating effectively. 

Video conferencing can improve sales in a variety of ways. Primarily, video meetings allow potential clients to associate your face with the company and with the sale, which helps build trust and close the deal. 

Additionally, tools within video conferencing software, like screen sharing, allow more robust presentations to clients and can transfer critical information more efficiently.

Sales and marketing teams can benefit from using various fields of science, like psychology and predictability. While an experienced salesperson can rely on personal experiences, having a sales coach with higher education in industry principles that are scientifically proven can increase sales. 

Science-based selling connects social psychology, behavioral economics, and neuroscience. Using data-driven research to understand a potential client, and specifically how to influence a sale effectively, is a coachable skill. When sales representatives begin to leverage science to inform client communications, sales will skyrocket. 

For instance, researchers have found that customers have an easier time deciding if presented with fewer options. Too many choices confuse clients, making it more difficult for them to select, justify, and finalize a purchase. 

Practically, a salesperson should learn to concisely describe the product and reduce the number of options or features presented to the client. A coach can help a sales representative achieve this goal while still working to up-sell and cross-sell products or services. 

Sales are an essential organ of a business. Investing in sales coaching helps your business grow by improving confidence and increasing knowledge among the sales team.

 Balancing communication, influence, transparency while delicately asking for a commitment does not come naturally to many people, so having a sales coach advance those skills is a wise business decision. 

From working with a sales representative during onboarding to teaching a senior salesperson to leverage video conferencing and social media, sales coaching is a worthwhile commodity for your business.

Furthermore, a sales coach offers individualized plans, which is markedly different from generic sales training courses. 

Coaching involves using many different learning tools. Suppose your company decides to hire a full-time sales coach. 

In that case, some daily responsibilities might include one-on-one coaching sessions, role-play practice selling discussion, and constructive feedback after observing a sales pitch. 

Practice sessions with sales coaches increase skill retention and promote sales representative autonomy; by simulating a client-salesperson experience, coaches build confidence.

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