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As a  business owner, it’s easy to forget that you are also your own salesman. I’ve found that many business owners become so focused on client work, that they lose sight of how to sell their own services and get the most out of each client. When this happens, sales start to slip through the cracks. Also, for many agencies, “sales” can sometimes be a dirty word.

There’s a common misconception that to succeed at sales and closing, you have to be pushy, aggressive, and dense. Others believe that sales success comes down to arcane things like knack, personality, luck, or natural talent. The truth is that sales success is tied to a very specific skill set. Like any other skill, sales techniques are learnable, repeatable, and can be vastly improved upon with practice.

The Sales Therapy Difference

If you’re an agency owner looking to close more clients, the key is to take a strategic, practical approach to understanding the true mechanisms behind sales. That’s why in each one-on-one Sales Therapy session, I take a hands-on approach to help you establish a consistently successful sales process. You’ll get direct practice, feedback, and expert coaching on your technique.

How Sales Therapy Works

Here’s how the Sales Therapy process works:

  • I Get to Know You & Your Goals

First, I get to know you, your industry and your target market. We discuss broad stroke strategies for your industry as well as your current goals and how to reach them.

  • One-on-One Practice Sessions Take Your Sales Skills to the Next Level

In my sales stress test, I use mock sales practice sessions to take your skills to the next level. In these sessions, I’ll act as the prospect while you deliver your pitch.

  • You Receive a Roadmap and Actionable Steps on How to Further Improve

After our session, you’ll receive personalized feedback on how to improve your pitch, and a complete roadmap of how you can level up your entire sales process.

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