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Nothing is harder than conveying technical knowledge to clients. I’ll show you how to do it without having your prospects' eyes glaze over

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10 reasons to hire a sales consultant

It’s not uncommon for a business to struggle to meet sales goals. Despite much hard work, sometimes the expected results don’t happen. Sales goals aren’t satisfied, profitability drops, and no one knows how to turn things around. That’s where sales consulting services come in. 

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, big businesses may struggle to understand how to maximize their profits because they are mired in the details of their technology platforms or sifting through and updating their databases. As a result, optimizing workflows within the salesforce becomes impossible because people bog down in the minutia instead of grasping the bigger picture.

Smaller businesses may have an owner who is excellent at doing the actual work but struggles to pitch his company and penetrate the broader market. For instance, if a local pool maintenance company has the best swimming pool mechanic in the area at the helm, they probably do great work on their job sites.

But, if their back office and support staff lack a consistent approach to marketing and answering calls from new customers, they will miss out on market share. So, even though the boss is in the field and delivering sparkling clean swimming pools to their clients, his long-term success is at risk.

One of the biggest hurdles to hiring a sales consulting service is ego. A corporate CEO or a local small business owner might say, ‘I know all about this business. I don’t need to pay anyone to tell me how to run it.’ But, unfortunately, that attitude tends to end up in failure.

So, if you’re flirting with the idea of hiring a sales consultant, check out our list of ten reasons to hire a sales consulting service.

If your sales efforts dominate your office time, it’s probably past time to hire a sales consultant.

The details of handling a sale can become overwhelming. Regardless of the scale of a business, there are many i’s to dot and t’s to cross before you can relax.


Even a simple business transaction probably involves a contract. Signatures, filings, storage, and taxes all need to be addressed. If your staff is drowning in a sea of these details, they’re probably not going to rush to answer the phone and potentially create more work for themselves.


And if you have a larger business, these sorts of details can be voluminous. Database maintenance, big data mining, promotions, online marketing, and overseas communications can suck up serious time. And if your salesforce isn’t capable of doing all this work promptly, your growth will suffer.

Whether you have a small staff, or a vast number of people in your sales department, consistency in sales is significant. If each individual does things their way, you’re probably shooting yourself in the foot.


Don’t let ‘that’s how we have always done it’ derail your business. The process that made sense five years ago might not make sense today. And just because one of your sales representatives learned the old way and preferred it to a new method, you can’t afford to let them remain inert.


The price of progress is sometimes uncomfortable. But, forcing conformity and uniformity in your processes and actions is sure to yield better results than a hodgepodge of methods.

A sales consulting service can help you craft a process that incorporates all of the best elements of your team’s efforts and wipes out the stuff that tends to trip them up. By optimizing, streamlining, and documenting a process that everyone must follow, you can hold your sales force accountable for their actions.


Sticking to a process makes it much easier to see where you can improve to address any stumbling blocks. By continuing to work through your sales process, you will also create an opportunity for refinement. You may recognize that there is a gap or a loophole that needs remedy.


As a tangential bonus, you may have a member of your salesforce who identifies and suggests a remedy for an issue within your process. If that happens, maybe you are looking at someone deserving of a promotion.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is sort of a buzz in the business world. This type of software automates and manages all the aspects of a customer account. By linking different departments within your company seamlessly, your business enables the personalization of each customer’s experience and the ability to forecast potential issues.


But like any technology, it is useless without someone who understands how to use it best. In years past, the Rolodex was our best friend, and anyone could flip through it to find a contact. However, when businesses graduated to databases, populating and updating information became a niche task and a hurdle for those who didn’t know how to do so.


With the explosion of CRM tools, many businesses have the software at their fingertips but lack the understanding to make their data into a strategic asset and competitive edge. A sales consulting service can help you get up and running.

Not many people enjoy change. When it comes to sales and marketing routines, it is not uncommon for there to be some reluctance to adopt new methods or to think outside the proverbial box.


If your business is well-staffed but struggling to adapt to a new concept or steer towards a different goal, the result might be in action. And in this economy, failing to address changing market forces rapidly can be a death knell for a business.


So if you think your sales force needs a spark to turn in a new direction, bringing in a sales consultant is a good option to re-energize the office. Rather than trying to force a change through internal forces and leverage, let a sales consulting service do the work to reorient your team toward a new goal.

When a problem is up close, it might be challenging to see it. That might sound counterintuitive, but it’s true. When you’re dealing with an issue every day, it can just become part of your routine, and you will eventually fail to notice it anymore.

For example, consider a small business with a smaller sales office. Two desks sit side-by-side, and the two-person sales team shares a computer. An old file cabinet in the corner contains a folder with each client’s invoices, contracts, and receipts.


For years, the business has wanted to move to a digital management system that would help them expand to other markets. Still, the sales team always keeps outstanding and meticulous records, so change never happens. The owner doesn’t even ask why they never made the change because it hasn’t yet affected the bottom line.

An independent and objective review from a sales consultant might ask a simple question: Why is there only one computer? 

If it turns out that there is only one outlet in the room, a call to an electrician just solved a long-term problem. Now, the two-person sales force has enough outlets to power multiple computers, and they spend half the time managing records because they can utilize the digital system.

The rest of their newfound time can be devoted to generating new leads and growing the business.

Every business has some waste in its costs. Unfortunately, sometimes that waste comes in the form of redundant or even recalcitrant employees. Even in a pretty cutthroat business, there is usually a bit of reluctance to deal with these issues aggressively.


To an outside sales consultant, intra-office politics and relations don’t make a difference. Instead, they are taking an objective approach that will identify problem employees. And, if those employees are not going to go along with the processes and plans, they will not last.


A sales consultant isn’t necessarily a ‘hatchet man’ or looking to ruin anyone’s livelihood. But if you have an employee or group of employees that you’re paying to cause problems, they might be just what you need to decide to drop the hammer.

Consider hiring a sales consultant on a short-term basis to supplement your existing staff. Even if you have systemic issues that need attention, it is likely that you already have a solid team. They might just need a shepherd to guide the flock through some upheaval.

When implementation of the changes is complete, the process is locked down, and the sales receipts are coming in fast and furious, you don’t necessarily need someone to act as the top-level manager anymore.  The team knows the rules, and they can continue their work and report within your business structure.

The sales consultant’s work is over. And, if you structure their contract right, you can go your separate ways.

If we’re honest with ourselves, it’s almost always easier to let your business run on autopilot.

You stop noticing that the light in the hallway flickers, your invoices are in two different formats, your web presence is minimal, and your email has an issue that sends half your new sales inquiries to the junk folder.

A sales consultant is likely to take the attitude that sunshine is the best disinfectant. An injection of new energy and a fresh set of eyes can reveal that simple problems have simple solutions.

Change all the light bulbs. Pick the new format and stick with it. Create a daily message for your homepage, Facebook, and Instagram. Hire the IT guy that fixed your competitor’s email issue.

By opening the windows and doors and letting the breeze of an independent review flow through your business, you will likely turn the page on some items that were a hindrance. And nothing beats the smell of fresh air blowing through an otherwise stale and stagnant office.

If a business has multiple facets of its operations, failure to force them to integrate and cooperate defines mismanagement. This type of failure is a prime reason to bring in a sales consultant.

For example, if an international computer manufacturer has a global presence, they probably make solid hardware. They likely have significant market share and multiple divisions to handle sales, support, service, and finance. 

Suppose the support team doesn’t deliver on the promises of 24/7 tech support that the sales team makes to the customers. In that case, the whole business is on a collision course with angry computer owners expecting better, faster support.

And this sort of problem isn’t unique to huge businesses. Consider that even a small gas station with a repair shop and a tow truck might encounter similar issues. The clerk in the gas station makes an appointment with a customer for an oil change because the owner wants the mechanic working, not answering the phone, and writing in an appointment book all day.

But then the customer shows up at the appointed time, and the mechanic is out doing road service in the tow truck because he didn’t look at the book. A sales consultant might look at the whole picture and determine that it would be better to sell the tow truck, outsource road service, and buy the mechanic a phone headset and voice-activated scheduling software.

Without integration and cohesion, your business’s left hand and right hand won’t be in sync. And in the case of a large business, there are so many tentacles that synergy becomes paramount.

Regardless of the scale of your business, there are times when hiring a sales consultant is the right decision. Short-term costs can pale in comparison to longer-term growth and the potential negatives associated with inaction.

Failing to recognize the ten reasons to hire a sales consultant could see your business suffer. In order to address a lack of profitability, to avoid lost market share, and to ensure the success of your business and its employees, hire a sales consultant.

If you don’t, and things turn for the worse, you could end up looking at yourself in the mirror and lamenting your inaction.

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