The Best Cold Call Script Ever

The Best Cold Call Script Ever

This is the best cold call script ever – period! And you are lucky enough to get it shipped straight to your smartphone or computer-screen. Call me mother Teresa, thank me later.

It might not seem special to you at a first glance but it is actually based on science. Designed to bypas the “fight or flight” response of every human being.

This script will get your target person interested in your call within the first five seconds of the call without letting you sound like a random, needy salesperson. You can read about the unique opening of the script in this article and download the full word for word script right here: [#Z]

But first let me tell you why so many scripts fail and therefore result in awkward cold calls that no one likes to make.

All Cold Sales Call Scripts Start The Same Way

„Hello Sir, my name is Donald and I’m with JUST ANOTHER HAIRPIECE COMPANY. Have you heard about us? We are the premier supplier for hairpieces in the world and we are actually running a discount blablabla“.

It’s all about ME, ME, ME. Have you heard about US. “WE are this and that” or “WE want your money” or “WE have a discount”. It’s a constant PUSH. This is pure hard selling, something Hollywood suggested for years as the way to go (movies like Boiler Room, Wolf of Wall Street, Wall Street, etc.). But guess what? They are wrong. So wrong! Even an article on CBSNews has it wrong, although it’s about the perfect cold call.

The Best Cold Call Script Approach is..

The right way to do it, is to PULL the customer into your conversation as soon as possible and lower his guard while raising sympathy for your person

Make it about HIM or HER, not ME. But first you have to clear his mind. He just got called by a stranger, so of course he isn’t relaxed. As long as he is in alert mode he won’t be fully in the moment mentally.

The strucutre of the sales call script should look like this:

Instead of:

Because this negative example will trigger a fight or flight response for sure.[#Z]

The Best Cold Call Opening Script Ever




„Hello Mike, this is Dominic“

„Hello Dominic“ / „uhm.. hello?“

Your customer’s first thought: „Who is this and what does he wants?“

„Mike, I bet you might think „who is this Dominic and what does he want?“ am I right? :)“

„Hehe, that’s exactly right“ / „uhm yeah, is this a sales call?“

You are answering his first thought

You are telling him openly that this is a sales call. This will reduce his alertness tremendously

„I am in fact a salesperson and I would LOVE to win you as my new customer. Mike, is it even possible to get you as a new customer?“

„Well it depends on your product / service“ / „What do you sell“Now it’s time for your pitch. And the best part is: The other person asked for it!So you have two things: Permission to pitch plus an interested decision-maker who will actually listen to you!

The Details Matter in a Perfect Cold Call Script

Notice how you don’t ask if the called person has time for you and how you don’t have to mention your company right away (you will mention it within your pitch).

This script is taking the discussed scheme into account so
you begin by answering his thoughts (who is he, what does he want). Trust in this script and tell your prospect right away that you are a salesperson (or a business owner) who wants to win him as a new customer.

This is like showing him both of your empty hands. You are not a threat anymore and have finally bypassed the minefield of the amygdala (Wiki description of the human firewall).

The Importance of Tonality in a Cold Call

Tonality is a very, very important factor when using this script. Play around with it, imagine someone is calling you. How should this person sound to make you feel comfortable and not pitched?

You can use this opening for your existing sales call script template and see an increase in conversion rates right away. If you want to have a field proven cold call script that uses this opening and shows you exactly how get to the close with word for word instructions, you should download my free script.

The Best Cold Call Script Ever PDF Download

Download the complete script (printable PDF) that includes a pre written pitch for you and a guide on how to tailor it to your very own specific industry like SaaS, Freight Shipping, Hardware and many others. This sales call template will definitelty improve your acquisition acitivites in zero time. Just put in your name and email and get it straight to your inbox!

Enter your email now and learn word for word how to finally say goodbye to objections and uncooperative gatekeepers! As a bonus you will get a mini guide on how to adapt this sales call script to your industry for maximum results!

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