Top 20 sales Jokes

top 20 sales Jokes

Top 20 sales Jokes

There are salespeople who have a knack for showing support and warmth to their prospects, customers, and co-workers while still selling everything the company has got. Here is a collection of best salesman jokes that will make you think twice before you dismiss any pitch as just another cheesy sales joke:

Here are the best sales jokes we’ve seen so far:

  • How many marketing people does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. They tell the engineer how many bulbs he needs to make. 
  • What do you call an intelligent stockbroker? A bull market. 
  • Why did God create Salesmen on the Sixth Day? Because He didn’t want anyone worshipping anything else that day. 
  • What do you call a salesperson who sings while he works? A carpet seller.
  • How can you tell if there is a salesman at your door? Don’t worry, and the knocking will stop. 
  • What is the difference between a good salesman and a great one? About 5 or 6 sales calls. 
  • The secret of successful selling: Be likeable. Make your prospect feel that he likes you more than his own best friend.
  • Why are most advertising men so short and fat? They spend all their time in hotels, restaurants, and barrooms, trying to close deals. 
  • What do you call an intelligent real estate agent? Broke! 
  • What do you call a salesman who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing? A manager. 
  • What do you call an idealistic stockbroker? A bull!
  • How many salespeople does it take to change a light bulb? 50: 1 to change it, 49 to try and tell him how much better their bulb is. 
  • What do you call a young salesman just starting in the industry? Liar. 
  • Why are so few good people interested in selling insurance? Because the company keeps too much money for itself.

Why Do You Need to Crack Jokes?

A joke is a funny short story, an instance of wit or sarcasm. Humor is the ability to see things and react in such a way that we are amused. Jokes can have no humor and even make us feel bad. A good example would be political jokes which are often far from being funny, but they intend to express some social criticism or personal opinion by its creator.

A salesperson’s humor can be the difference between a customer walking away and staying in the store. You may not think it, but your sense of humor is an integral part of your sales strategy.

Sales humor is often used as a way to entertain and engage with your audience. The best sales humor starts with the truth but then twists it just enough for something comical to come out of it. 

I’ll give you an example: A salesman walks into a bar where he sees a man sitting at the very end of the counter reading his paper. He walks up behind him, puts his arm around him, and says, “Hi there! You look like you could use some company!” The man jumps off of his stool and turns around, swinging wildly at the salesman, who quickly backs away, saying, “Whoa, sorry! That’s not what I meant!” This type of humor will make anyone feel better if they are feeling lonely or have been through difficult times

Sales Tip: the best way to sell your product is with humor.

Would you like to know the best way to upsell your customers? It sounds like a joke, but it’s true. The best way to make more money in sales is by making your customers laugh. 

Sell your product with humor and wit and sensitivity to the feelings of your buyers. The best product descriptions are entertaining, short, and straightforward. The key is in making them personal. If you sell a part for cars, maybe mention that you drive a particular model…or grew up with it or had one when you were younger or know someone who does now or what have you. Be sure to use humor if possible (without being corny). For example: “When this car was launched, I had just started driving; so naturally, I bought this accessory.” This sort of approach will put readers at ease — even if they don’t need the product right then — because they’ll feel like they’re getting to know a real person instead of just another faceless vendor.

Keep Your Jokes In Good Taste:

If you’re taking the humorous approach, be sure it’s genuinely funny or wry — not insulting to anyone. If your humor borders on insulting or mean-spirited, don’t use it. I’ll provide a few examples of both good and bad product descriptions so you can see what I mean:

Example 1: Here’s a great product description headline: “You call yourself an auto enthusiast? You’re not worthy of owning this part.” Now that sounds like someone with some personality! And in fact, the writer is very personable and friendly; she wants to engage people who love cars (and, by extension, loves driving herself). She knows that readers will likely include other car lovers. I like this product description because there’s a personal story woven that shows the vendor cares about cars and driving (and that she has a sense of humor). She’s also saying why you should buy her part: it helps you get more out of your car. And finally, she concludes by talking about herself and her brand name…a nice touch to add credibility to an otherwise self-serving pitch.

Example 2: Here’s another good example of a product description headline: “This is one accessory you don’t want to live without.” The writer is very friendly — almost chummy — and she talks about herself at the end, so we know she’s not just blowing smoke up our … uh … exhaust pipe. Get it? Now that’s funny — you have to read on! I’m sold, so let’s go check out the rest of the product description and see what else she has to say.

Example 3: This example is one you want to avoid: “These are easy-to-install solutions for eliminating wind buffeting.” The person who wrote this doesn’t sound like a regular person or even someone passionate about cars or driving but instead sounds uncaring and mechanical, almost as if they’re reading from a script by rote. There’s no personality here, no sense of humor or wit. No personal story or mention of why another car lover might want the part (or that they know someone who has one already). The writer doesn’t know me, so how can I trust this vendor to treat my car with care? That’s something you might want to consider if you’re selling a part that could be installed incorrectly or damaged by someone unskilled in the installation process. So before you write a product description like this — where there’s no personal story involved — think about whether your buyers will feel comfortable buying products from someone who strives for total anonymity and competency only (and not mutual respect).

Why you should always have a sense of humor at work, even if it’s just for yourself

You may not be a salesperson. You may not even work in the sales industry, but you can never underestimate the power of an excellent joke to help make your lesson plan come alive as an educator. Sales humor is a great way to engage with prospects, make your message memorable and build trust.

Professional salespeople have a reputation for being slick and persuasive, but what does that mean? The professional salesperson is an expert at their craft. They understand the product or service they are selling from every angle: how it’s made, how to demonstrate its features, how to answer any potential objections. A good salesperson can use humor to lighten the mood during tense negotiations and make sure that even if they don’t sell something today; future prospects will remember them fondly.  

Salespersons, who do pitch, need to tell humorous stories that help them connect with their audience in a more light-hearted way. It’s an effective way of building rapport, developing stronger relationships, and ultimately getting customers engaged.

There are five ways that you can use sales jokes:

  • when talking to a group of people, for instance, when giving out speeches 
  • when interacting with colleagues 
  • during some small talk with client or boss 
  • making grand opening 
  • telling a joke on customer’s products

How to make an old joke new again

When you think of a joke, what do you imagine? If your first thought is “someone laughing,” then you are probably thinking about stand-up comedy. For thousands of years, joking has been an activity most commonly practiced in front of audiences, and it still is to this day — but those audiences aren’t always live, face-to-face groups. They very rarely are! When people talk about humor today, we usually talk about jokes written down and published sometime in the last two hundred years (most likely since the 1920s). But before writing was invented, no one saved their old jokes for posterity because nobody could read or write yet; nowadays, almost all jokes are written before they are told.

Humor doesn’t belong to the paper it’s written on; humor is about human beings. It belongs to us all, wherever we live and whatever language we speak. And if you can bring that spirit into a new culture, then I think you have done humanity a favor. It seems like common sense that writing down jokes would change them in some way, as compared to how they were originally conceived or delivered — why else would joke books be compiled instead of just telling each person their favorite punchline?  

Laughter is a social thing. We laugh together as a group, and we are not the only species that does this: chimpanzees’ giggle’ when watching others get tickled, and rats emit ultrasonic chirps while foraging in groups. Recent findings suggest that laughing together can be beneficial to the health of people who have heart disease or cancer. Yet laughter doesn’t always require another person — we can do it alone and even on purpose…laughter is there at our fingertips whenever we need to make ourselves feel better, so long as we learn how to wield it masterfully. That’s where the humor comes in. You can’t understand how to wield humor masterfully unless you know something about it. 

Humor requires three things — first, something out of the ordinary; second, a feeling of recognition; third, an emotional reaction….The more one used this kind of logical analysis, the more effective it becomes. 

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