Top 20 Sales Podcasts

Top 20 Sales Podcasts

Top 20 Sales Podcasts

Learning about sales strategies, techniques and more has never been so easy. Today, sales professionals do not have to go out of their way to gain more knowledge about their field because of sales podcasts.

People who are in the sales industry or those who simply want to learn about it love listening to sales podcasts mainly because of their accessibility and convenience. Another great thing about podcasts is that more than 2Million topics are available so surely, you will find something that matches your needs.

Through podcasts, leaders and experts in the sales industry get to share their thoughts and experiences with other sales professionals especially the new ones.

Here are the top 20 Sales Podcasts

The Best Sales Podcasts You Can Listen To

Sales professionals should take advantage of these sales podcasts because these are amazing avenues to gain new knowledge from the experts in the field and at the same time keep updated on what is the latest in the industry.

These podcasts are created for every salesperson whether they are only starting out or are already experienced ones because of the endless topics available. While listening to these sales podcasts would really give you some incredible knowledge on the different areas of sales, putting what you have learned to practice is still the one that will yield you the results that you are aiming for.

So then, when you combine your learning from the sales podcasts to constant actual practice, there is no doubt that you will succeed in this field. Listening to a podcast is definitely the easiest way to learn something new about sales because you do not even have to set some extra hours to do this.

With a podcast, all you need to do is simply put in your earbuds, and then you can already start learning from the experts and leaders in the world of sales. You can easily do this while doing other tasks which do not need you to think such as while exercising, walking your dog, cleaning your car, commuting, and the like.

Some of the Best Sales Podcasts in 2021

Make It Happen Mondays

Hosted by John Barrows and the show goes for about 30 to 45 minutes. You can listen to it over iTunes, Spotify, Facebook, and Sound Cloud. Its host is the founder and CEO of JBarrows Sales Training and Make It Happen Mondays goes live every Monday over Facebook. In this podcast, get to learn about some helpful anecdotes and tips from John Barrow’s very own experiences in sales and also get to learn from other experts in the field as he features different guests on his show. Sales professionals can learn about personal branding, B2B sales topics, and other pieces of advice that are perfect for selling day today.

Sales Gravy

Hosted by Jeb Blount and airs from about 5 to 10 minutes up to about an hour. You may listen to it on RSS Feed, iTunes, and Stitcher. Jeb Blount is a sales expert, an author as well as a speaker. If you are looking for some quick recommendations or bits and pieces on sales, negotiation tactics, objections, and more this might be something you need. Sales Gravy releases some sales podcasts every month.

The Salesman Podcast

Goes for about 30 to 45 minutes and is hosted by Will Barron. The Salesman Podcast can be listened to on Stitcher, iTunes, and YouTube and it has released over 550 episodes. This sales podcast releases several new shows each week and sales professionals can learn about some soft skills that they may need in order to succeed in this field. The topics include the right body language and speaking the proper way and it also offers some tips on questioning and good storytelling.

The Ziglar Show

Runs from half an hour to an hour and is hosted by Tom Ziglar who is the son of the legendary Zig Ziglar and Tom’s colleague, Kevin Miller. The Ziglar Show may be heard over Stitcher, iTunes, and RSS Feed and the topics usually cover something inspirational, enhancing good habits, and self-improvement. The hosts invite other popular speakers to talk about their secrets on creating success that lasts. This podcast wishes to continue the legacy of Zig Ziglar, another well-known sales motivator.

Sell or Die

It can be heard from Overcast, iTunes, and Stitcher and is hosted by Jeffrey Gitomer who is the author of “The Little Red Book of Selling” and Jennifer Gluckow who is also a speaker and a sales trainer. Their podcast airs for 20 to 30 minutes and the format is a live Q&A chat. Their guests as well as their topics vary per episode and fortunately, to those who are so busy and are short on time, they feature a “Best Of” every week so those who missed the live episodes can still have the chance to catch up.


Is a 15 to 40-minute podcast that is hosted by Andy Paul. This can be listened to over Stitcher and iTunes. This sales podcast offers useful tips for the sales managers and talks about strategies on hiring the right people, equipping sales professionals with some helpful tools, and enhancing one’s sales process. Accelerate features some of the most known experts and leaders within the sales community.

The Quotable Podcast

Is a sales podcast that discusses sales training, coaching, recruiting talent, win-loss reviews as well as provide some tips that can be used by any type of salesperson. The Quotable Podcast runs for 25 mins to half an hour and is hosted by Kevin Micalizzi. This can be heard on Spotify and iTunes and features new shows each week.

In The Arena Podcast

Is aired over Stitcher and iTunes for 20 to 50 minutes. It is hosted by Anthony Iannarino who is a well-known sales coach. He also wrote “The Lost Art of Closing.” In the Arena, the podcast discusses mostly leadership including long-distance leadership as well as team dynamics and overcoming a toxic culture.

Sales Pipeline Radio

Is a sales podcast where the discussion focuses on sales effectiveness, coaching sales managers, and aligning sales marketing as well as improving quota assignments among others. It is hosted by Matt Heinz and airs for 20 to 30 minutes on Stitcher and iTunes.

The Sales Evangelist

This sales hacker podcast talks about bringing new products to market, high-level sales concerns, and sales process 101. It is hosted by Donald C. Kelly who is a popular public speaker and also a consultant. This can be heard for 20 to 30 minutes on Stitcher and iTunes.

B2B Growth Show

If you are looking for a selling podcast that is punchy and has other topics apart from sales, it is this one. Hosted by James Carbary and Jonathan Green. B2B Growth Show airs from 10 to 25 minutes and can be heard over Stitcher and iTunes. Its discussion ranges from team building to establishing referrals and this show also talks about sales leadership and sustaining relevance in a commoditized market and building a buyer persona.

The Sales Hacker Podcast

This selling podcast provides some practical and useful insights that revolve around the business-to-business (B2B) perspective and here, sales professionals have the opportunity to know about the most updated information on B2B sales techniques, strategies, technology, and tactics. All this valuable data comes from the top leaders in the world of sales.


Salespeople who are looking for some very essential tips and recommendations on career growth may find this sales podcast very helpful. This may also be a valuable show for start-up companies as it also shares some insights as to how successful companies began.

The Art of Charm

Is a perfect selling podcast for those who are seeking to improve or enhance their soft skills as sales professionals. The Art of Charm’s discussions branches out to other topics such as sociology, psychology, and behavioral economics and how these can be applied to an individual’s career as well as their personal life. Insights and advice come from the best leaders in their respective fields and industries.

Young Hustlers

This is an advanced selling podcast where yoy will learn about the most effective business tips and sales advice to help you achieve success in your next career endeavor through this sales podcast. Young Hustlers provides some of the tools that any sales professional would ever need in order to be successful in the 21st Century. And also through this podcast, you will learn about how to succeed and think like a hustler no matter what your age is. This show is hosted by Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt.

Sales Engagement

The format and style of this sales podcast are like a talk radio show and listeners get to hear and learn about the effective techniques and tactics on sales engagement from the experts in the industry. Here, people can also listen to entrepreneurs as they share the stories that led them to success. 

Women in Sales

This podcast focuses on topics such as B2B sales, career management, leadership, social media, overcoming adversity, making strategic partnerships, aligning sales and marketing, and a lot more. Women in Sales wishes to become an important resource for women who are sales professionals so it features these types of females from the different parts of the world who are doing great jobs in their careers as a salesperson.

The Advanced Selling Podcast

Learn about the practical as well as the technical aspects of sales and also improve your style in prospecting, cold calling, forecasting sales, and more! This sales podcast is hosted by Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale who surely never fails to entertain their listeners. The Advanced Selling Podcast is certainly filled with a lot of strong advice and valuable information on sales and strategies. Those who listen to this show can definitely shift their perspective about sales and how they view it.

The Prospecting Expert

This podcast talks about the host’s very own tips and sales success stories about his sales process and other topics that are all based on his personal experiences. Hosted by Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert offers information on how to get in the door as well as how to qualify prospects and find prospective clients. This show also discusses topics such as filling in your pipeline and creating good relationships with your clients. The Prospecting Expert is very relatable as it gives some very practical advice.

Catalyst Sales Podcast

Salespeople who are searching for tips on how to enhance their skills and get a higher chance to succeed in the field may find the Catalyst Sales Podcast very helpful. Hosted by Mike Conner and Mike Simmon, this podcast talks about what strategies work best in sales.

These sales podcasts provide very useful information to those who are in the sales industry including executives, managers, representatives, and newbies. These top sales podcasts offer a lot of vital tips and tactics that can help sales professionals to improve their skills and become better in their craft.

Because these podcasts come with over 2Million topics on sales and more, listeners will definitely find a topic that matches their needs and will surely find something that suits their personality and style as well.

All advice comes from the experts and the leaders in the sales industry which makes them credible sources of information. By listening to the leaders in the field, other sales professionals also get a higher chance to succeed as well if they follow the tips from the experts and at the same time put that knowledge to practice.

If you are in the sales industry and would like to stay on top, you would have to strive to learn something new constantly as this is a very fast-paced environment. When you fail to know about the latest trends in sales and marketing, you can easily get left behind. Because of this, sales podcasts are certainly a great avenue to stay in the loop.

Podcasts have been around for quite a while as they were first released in 2004. From that time, it has grown to become a billion-dollar industry. 

This article mentions some of the top 20 sales podcasts that are available for the salespeople to hear, but the list really does not end there as there are still more to choose from. 

More Sales Podcasts That Are Worth Listening To

Those who are looking for a podcast on sales that showcases endless possibilities in sales and marketing may try listening to “Limitless”. This sales podcast publishes one episode each week and features different guests who are the best leaders in the field of sales and marketing. These experts offer a lot of tips and advice that are helpful to everyone working in the industry.

Another sales podcast that is worth listening to is called “Ramp” and its discussion centers on SaaS analytics which can be useful in helping sales professionals to have a better understanding of their targets, leads, funnels, and pipelines. Data from this analytics when properly utilized can lead to growth. “Ramp” is perfect for those who are looking for something that is snappy and quick!

“Sales Fuel” is a sales podcast that talks about techniques and strategies that can assist in increasing your rate in closing as well as shares various tips on creating good relationships and also some advice on how one can achieve career growth in sales. “Sales Fuel” publishes podcasts every month.

If you are searching for a type of podcast format that comes with deep dives, case studies, and interviews “Sales Influence: Why People Buy” might suit your need. This sales podcast provides essential information that revolves around selling in an environment that has become very skeptical. It publishes new podcasts bi-weekly and mostly discusses neuromarketing and consumer behavior that can help sales professionals to create more revenue.

“Sales Success Stories” on the other hand completely focuses on areas that are often neglected in the field of sales such as showing up for yourself and the power of empathy. This sales podcast works on the deconstruction of the top sales performers so if you are in sales and are in search of something different and looking to see sales from a different angle, this might be one that could pique your interest.

These and more are only some of the best examples of sales podcasts that you could search for on the web. Each and every podcast mentioned here in this article all come with various topics that will surely fit the need of any type of a sales professional.

Most of these sales podcasts feature the top leaders and the experts in the field and can definitely offer the most effective advice and tips that can be very helpful to every salesperson especially the new ones and are only starting out.

With these podcasts, people working in sales can get the boost that they need and have the opportunity to continuously learn something new each day without even having to set aside some extra hours for learning.

It is not easy to be in the sales industry because you need to be always quick, on the go, and up for the challenge because if you do not keep up, you can simply be left behind. Sales is definitely an industry that is filled with different kinds of challenges and getting a bit of help can really mean a lot. 

Now that these sales podcasts are here, hitting your targets or at least get close to reaching those is not far behind for as long as you also do your part. By listening closely to the advice given by the experts and applying them in real life constantly, you can certainly get ahead and earn more.

These podcasts are surely useful to the salespeople as these can help them find fresh ways to approach their craft. If you are having a tough day at work, you can try spending at least half an hour of your time to check out these sales podcasts as they can certainly offer some fresh perspectives and give you a boost.

The great thing about these types of podcasts is that they are really about giving a hand and sharing expertise because the tips and tactics that are shared in these are all based on the experiences of the leaders in the industry. 

Because of the experts’ willingness to offer their personal insights, every sales professional gets the chance to gain new knowledge and fresh perspectives that can definitely help them in their daily struggles to either boost their confidence or increase their revenue.

By constantly listening to any of these sales podcasts, every person in sales would surely never run out of new knowledge and imbibe new skills that can help them advance in their career. These podcasts offer a lot of conveniences as you can easily listen to them on various platforms such as iTunes, Facebook, Stitcher, Spotify, Sound Cloud, and RSS Feed.

All you need to do is to put those earbuds on and select the podcast that matches your interest and press the “play” button. You have tons of selections to choose from so you can easily select the topic that you want to learn about. The length of each podcast also varies so if you are looking for something quick, there are those that only run from about 5 to 10 minutes or if you are looking for something really long, there are those that last for up to an hour.

If you also have your favorite host, you can simply check out their podcast and click “play”. New episodes come out at different times so you can also try to catch whichever is publishing a new one to always get the latest information. Some sales podcasts publish every week or every month and some publish twice a week.

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